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How to make Partners in Travel work for you

If you’re wondering how affiliate marketing can assist your business with an extra revenue flow, then you’ve come to the right place. By becoming a Partner in Travel you can make money through offering amazing get-aways at discounted prices and each holiday comes with our free fanatical five star customer care- There’s no catch! Understandably, [...]

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Charity affiliates: How do they work?

As a charity, your core values encompass giving and caring for others. Becoming a travel partner emphasises these principles and enables you to give back and reward those who give generously to your charity. We know just how important it is to get the right publicity for your charity, keeping fundraising ideas innovative and ensuring that [...]

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How Can I Get Into Travel?

With over 50 million potential customers a year and a global spend of over $17 trillion; you’ll be forgiven for wanting to start a business in the travel industry. Well fortunately for you, we are offering entrepreneurs, charities and businesses alike the chance to profit from the world’s largest industry – travel. Whether you are [...]

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Benefits of Becoming An Affiliate

The Internet has become a highly cooperative zone, and this is in part thanks to dominance of social media. Due to the massive presence felt on the web, there are now huge benefits to affiliate marketing, but in case you’re not sure, here’s some points to assure you… A new Partnership- okay, so we may [...]

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Business Benefits with Partners in Travel

Many companies have reward schemes as a way of saying ‘thanks’ to their team for their outstanding efforts. Often, these remunerations can be costly but as it’s a method of showing your appreciation for your staff, for many it’s not an issue. However, what if you could still reward your team and make a profit? [...]

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Give Extra To Your Team By Becoming An Affiliate

The problem with businesses isn’t always making enough of a profit margin. You’ve gone out, flourished and made yourself known, but what about the people that have strived to hard to put your company on the map, the 9-5ers- (or 8-6ers) or the loyal contacts built through years of travail. If you’re always searching for [...]

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