The Internet has become a highly cooperative zone, and this is in part thanks to dominance of social media. Due to the massive presence felt on the web, there are now huge benefits to affiliate marketing, but in case you’re not sure, here’s some points to assure you…

  • A new Partnership- okay, so we may not order pizza and go a couple rounds of golf, if that’s your thing- but we will want to build a lasting collaboration with you. We really want you to succeed, and in doing so we will provide and maintain a shiny new website for you with space to advertise your logo. Every time someone books one of our ATOL protected 5 star holidays through your website- you will be credited for the sale. It’s as easy as that, but we are here for you at any time to help with any queries. Our partnership is extremely important to us and we will pull out all the stops to make it work.
  • Your content is relevant- Everyone needs a holiday, be it now or next year we all deserve a break. By becoming a Partner in Travel, you can offer anyone who lands on your website admission to 12 million breaks away with fantastic discounts. What you do is always relevant and doesn’t necessarily have to be niche to work with us, our demographic is everyone- and that’s why we boast so many success stories. Join the likes of the NHS and police who are all Partners in Travel.
  • A new revenue stream- Every business wants to make more money, so why should you be an exception to the rule? There’s no shame in wanting to better yourself and push your organisation to levels you never knew possible. Inject some regular revenue to your company whilst offering your clients, family and friends an outstanding service for free. All you have to do is shout it from the rooftops.
  • Exposure- In any marketing strategy it always comes down to exposure and the need for more. By working with Partners in Travel you can gain access to our talented team of marketing professionals who are ready to assist in maximising your websites chances of success. We want to offer the extra support to you, so let our professionals guide you in your new venture. By linking up with a five star service your reputation will benefit from a boost and because we have a dedicated team of customer service representatives, anyone who books a trip through you, can give us a call and get tremendous support whilst clearing up any queries they may have.

If you are interested in adding an extra revenue stream to your business whilst making new connections, boosting your status and above everything-putting smiles on faces, then please click here to get in contact with a friendly member of our team.