Many companies have reward schemes as a way of saying ‘thanks’ to their team for their outstanding efforts. Often, these remunerations can be costly but as it’s a method of showing your appreciation for your staff, for many it’s not an issue. However, what if you could still reward your team and make a profit?

  • Becoming a Travel Partner with us gives you the opportunity to give back to clients, customers and members of the team at no extra cost or risk to your business.
  • Our easy and affordable arrangement means you can offer your contacts and clients a free, five star, holiday booking service from your own highly professional, white label website supplied by us. Treat your customers and clients to 12 million high quality ATOL protected holidays and as travel members, they get the luxury of exclusive discounts.
  • Discounting each booking means you are “giving back”, a simple concept that rewards those committed to your corporation at the same time as improving your company’s reputation through your generosity. You’re offering colleagues, clients and connections an elite and luxury service for free whilst saving them money on their holidays, all as a result of recommending Not Just Travel.
  • For the same cost as a weekly shop, you can offer your staff unbelievable holidays in addition to making a profit. We’re so confident that your business will benefit that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Already, corporations across the nation are benefitting from becoming Partners in Travel. You will join an elite group of organisations including the NHS, the police and several universities who are all relishing in the increased revenue and giving out well-received rewards for their staff and clients.

Give back to those who give so much to you and get in touch today. We offer generous commission rates and getting started couldn’t be simpler!

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