The problem with businesses isn’t always making enough of a profit margin. You’ve gone out, flourished and made yourself known, but what about the people that have strived to hard to put your company on the map, the 9-5ers- (or 8-6ers) or the loyal contacts built through years of travail.

If you’re always searching for innovative ways to offer something in return to your staff and client base but know the hardship of juggling incomes then joining Partners in Travel may just work for you as we deliver the flexibility for you to give something back, without effecting your own profits.

The answer to your hunting lies with us, and it’s simple, just like all the best ideas are…

  • You get to pick a package specific to your businesses needs and within your bundle you’ll receive a fully bookable, white label website. Don’t worry, we’ve sorted out everything on it-we don’t just give you a domain name and leave you to do it! Our websites are professionally made and mobile-friendly but wouldn’t be complete without your branding centre stage at the top. So, pretty straight forward so far, right?
  •  On this website, your friends, staff and clients can pick out discounted holidays and trips abroad, all in your name. You get profit from every single transaction, and it even boosts your reputation- you’re offering great deductions and consumers will gain access to over 12 million ATOL-protected holidays. They’ve got to book their holiday somewhere, so why not book it on your website and give your business a boost.
  • We provide those who booked through you access to our expert Travel Consultants whom they can pick up the phone to, should they have any questions- big or small. Our stellar customer service is all provided in the package, so anyone ordering through you will feel even more enriched when using your company- as if they needed any more convincing!
  • On top of all of that, you even get advice from our professional marketers and trainers on how to get your business flourishing.
  • Already we have the NHS, Police, and many Universities profiting from Partners in Travel’s five star holiday services so what are you waiting for?

We’re right here rooting for you the whole time and as with all of our affiliates, we have a vested interest in all that you do. Your success is our success, so we’ll be engaged in nurturing a true partnership with you. We are so sure that you will benefit from working with Partners in Travel that we offer a full 30 day money back guarantee.

So click here to find out more information.