If you’re wondering how affiliate marketing can assist your business with an extra revenue flow, then you’ve come to the right place. By becoming a Partner in Travel you can make money through offering amazing get-aways at discounted prices and each holiday comes with our free fanatical five star customer care- There’s no catch!

Understandably, you’ll want to make money and our number one aim is to nurture a partnership that lasts a lifetime- this is exactly why we offer a 30 day guarantee, so if things aren’t working exactly as you hoped, you have extra peace of mind. For long-term success you need to choose a reputable company who will put your customers first and enhance your image, with this in mind we have outlined some common mistakes when it comes to becoming an affiliate…

  • Selling instead of helping: When you become a Partner in Travel you will receive a fully responsive, functioning and professional booking website where you’re clients, friends and family are free to look through 12 million ATOL protected holidays. The error some people make is by signing up with a pushy partner, you’re not a salesman and anyone booking through you is far more likely to appreciate a little help as opposed to pushy tactics. This is exactly why our supreme customer service team is here to assist with any queries you or your consumers may have, just get in touch and we can guide you from A-B in the most supportive way.
  • Signing up to too many: Lots of entrepreneurs are by nature, go-getters and this is why on occasion people may become overzealous with affiliates. Rather work with three average companies, it’s much more beneficial to work with one fantastic quality and reputable business, such as Partners In Travel! We have boast corporations such as the police, the NHS and various university bodies who have reaped extra revenue from becoming a Partner in Travel.
  • Stick with it: Sometimes a new option may seem shiny and fresh at first, but make sure that you really look into any company that you’re about to partner up with. Ignore the ‘butterflies’ that fly by with impulsive choices and focus on your project in hand.

Your success is our reputation and that’s exactly why we have such fantastic reviews. To find out all the information on how to become a Partner in Travel then please contact a member of our team today to start your exciting new venture